The Ardsley Country Club continued its “virtual” Westchester Swim Conference season on July 31 with its third meet, this one with the Sleepy Hollow Country Club, while the Ardsley Swim Club dove into the pool for their initial meet of the summer that same day against the Davenport Club of New Rochelle.

Each club swam in their home pool. Times were shared through the conference website, with the swimmer listed in their order of finish in each event based.

Since the swimmers were not competing head to head, no points were allocated in the “virtual meet.” 

ACC boasted one triple winner and five double victors on the day.

Connor Vincent posted the best times in three events: the 17U boys’ 50-free (26.43 seconds), the 50-breast (34.85), and the 50-butterfly (29.68).

ACC’s double winners were Colette Levinson, Madison Chafizadeh, Grace Brady, Levant Sarayli, and Rosemary Stamm.

Levinson was fastest in the 6U girls’ 25-free (24.17) and 25-back (29.80), while Chafizadeh was quickest in the 8U girls’ 25-free (28.22) and 25-back (33.61). Brady was swiftest in the 17U girls’ 50-free (29.14) and 50-back (33.32), while Sarayli was first in the 10U boys’ 50-back (53.50) and 50-breast (58.73). Stamm was fastest in the 17U girls’ 50-breast (38.26) and 50-fly (32.06).

ACC also picked up fastest times from Landon Saltos in the boys’ 8U 25-free (18.89), Christian Kazmierczack in the boys’ 10U 50-free (39.39), Lucciana Broccoli in the girls’ 10U 50-back (47.83), Erin Kazmierczak in the girls’ 14U 50-back (36.72), Jack Clinton in the boys’ 12U 50-breast (53.04), Georgina Dorment in the girls’ 8U 25-fly (48.82), and Connor Kazmierczak in the boys’ 10U 50-fly (58.25).

ACC also posted the best times in four relays — the 8U boys’ 100-free (1:38.96), the 10U girls’ 200-free (3:15.10), the 10U boys’ 200-free (3:25.92), and the 13U boys’ 200-free (2:43.70).

Meanwhile, the Ardsley Swim Club had a trio of swimmers post the top times in three events in their meet with Davenport.

Caterina Stoica was swiftest in the girls’ 14U 50-free (27.71), 50-back (37.59), and 50-breast (38.88), while Nate Dower was quickest in the boys’ 14U 50-free (27.79), 50-breast (36.68), and 50-fly (30.38). Emily Carr was the fastest in the girls’ 17U 50-free (28.35), 50-back (33.56), and the 50-fly (30.20).

Ardsley also picked up a pair of fastest times from three swimmers. Haley McGourty was best in the girls’ 6U 25-free (33.81) and 25-back (35.09), Emma Fitzpatrick was quickest in the girls’ 8U 25-back (29.34) and 25-breast (34.02), and John Downs was swiftest in the boys’ 8U 25-breast (40.10) and 25-fly (32.28).

Ardsley’s Michael Stoica was best in the boys’ 14U 50-back in 33.44, while Eliana Miro was quickest in the girls’ 17U 50-breast (38.17) and Milly McGeeney was fastest in the girls’ 8U 25-fly (34.81).

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