Ardsley continued to put together a solid season as they improved to 7-1 in the past week of play.

On May 18, at the St. Andrew’s Golf Club in Hastings, the Panthers cruised past Sleepy Hollow, 227-344. Brian Sherry led with a score of 41 followed by a 43 from Patrick Marotta, 45 from Luke Inoue, 46 from Miles Cooperman, 52 from Jaden Levy, and 54 from Max Weinhouse.

On May 19 at Lake Isle Golf Club in Eastchester, Ardsley bested Tuckahoe, 219-254. Cooperman finished with a score of 40 followed by a 45 from Levy, 46 from Vincenzo Spiniello, and 47 from Jacob Friedman.

On May 20, Ardsley downed Irvington, 225-270, at Sunningdale Country Club in Scarsdale. Ardsley’s Brian Sherry had a 41, followed by Cooperman with a 44, and Spiniello a 45. Ardsley’s Alec Levi and Irvington’s C.J. Steinberg each finished with a 47, followed by a 48 from Marotta, and a 51 from Charlie Curtin.

The Panthers wrapped up the week with a 228-285 win over Tuckahoe at St. Andrew’s on May 25. Cooperman finished with a 42, followed by Curtin with a 44, Spiniello and Friedman with a 47, and Weinhouse with a 48.

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HASTINGS posted their fifth win in eight outings this spring with a 273-282 victory over Irvington a St. Andrew’s on May 18. The Yellow Jackets improved to 3-1 in league play.

“The thing that makes me most excited is how much our team has improved, as well as our individual players,” Hastings head coach Charles Berger said. “Guys like Jake Hansen, Andre Anuszkiewicz, and Thatcher Clough, who are best friends and were new to the game three years ago, are now hitting great shots all over the golf course and taking their games to a new level as seniors.”

He added, “This kind of game development makes you proud as a coach. One thing is for sure — in a few weeks when it's all said and done, I'm going miss the hell out of this group.”

Oscar Hayes led Hastings with a 48, while Hansen had a 52, and Anuszkiewicz a 56. Mikey McQueen added a 57, while Eoin Mullen came in with a 60 and Ryan Shore a 63.

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