Thousands of Westchester voters will be casting their ballots for President of the United States, and for congressional and state legislative positions, by absentee ballots (mail ballots). With the postal service being very unreliable, voters have no way of knowing whether their ballot was received or accepted by the Board of Elections. The Westchester County Board of Elections should implement a tracking system to enable voters to track their ballots, just like we're able to track packages. It's not rocket science, and would reduce long lines at early voting sites and on Election Day.

A Colorado software company, i3logix, developed such a system that tracks by-mail ballots. North Carolina has signed on to the system that enables voters to track their ballot to make sure it arrived safely and is being counted. According to The Washington Post (Sept. 18), in California there is a new election website: "Where's my ballot?" Voters type in their name, birthday, and zip code and a minute later they are signed up for updates. They get a text when the ballot is in the mail, as it’s on its way back to election officials, and, eventually, counted. This "builds confidence in democracy."

I believe that New York City is trying to implement a tracking-by-mail ballot program. If Westchester County has one, no one knows about it. Most counties in New York State do not have a tracking-by-mail ballot program. Why not? This is the most important election in a lifetime. People who vote by mail deserve to know whether their vote is being counted.

Paul Feiner

Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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Why is there no tracking system for mail in Ballots In Westchester county New york

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