I have been a resident of Hastings-on-Hudson for almost three decades, and I have shared music and environmental volunteering with many of you in this wonderful community. I feel compelled to share my full-throated support behind Trustees Morgan Fleisig and Georgia Lopez, and for Judge Joseph DiSalvo. And I urge you to vote in the upcoming village election, either by absentee ballot (applications available from the Village Clerk’s office) or in person on Tuesday, Sept. 15, at the James Harmon Community Center.

Morgan Fleisig understands science and data to maintain our infrastructure and keep our village planning in tune with what our community feels is important. Environmental initiatives like the waterfront cleanup, and the Hillside Woods restoration could not move forward without tireless work from Morgan.

Georgia Lopez is passionate about our community and, as the first person of color on our board of trustees, has been instrumental in helping people’s voices be heard. When the youth in our town felt the need to speak out against racial injustice, Georgia Lopez was right there helping our young activists become empowered. She coordinated between the police and the protesters to ensure the event could take place in a safe and respectful way. That’s the kind of leadership Hastings deserves.

The James Street traffic issue is complex, and the empathy Trustee Lopez shows to people’s concerns is real. There has been progress, albeit slow, and hopefully a solution will become evident after we go back to traffic as usual.

Judge DiSalvo has been a wise and compassionate presence in our village court for many years, and Hastings will benefit from his steady influence now more than ever, when Covid-19 has disrupted our normal lives.

All safety precautions will be in place at the polls on Sept. 15. So, please find a way to participate in this local election. The candidates are uncontested, but your vote is essential for maintaining our democratic process for every level of government — and it will be good practice for Nov. 3.

Adam Hart


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