As we all begin making our plans for how we will vote in the presidential election just under two months from now, I’d like to remind folks that we also have an imminent election here in Hastings. Please set aside time on Sept. 15 to vote, either in person, or by absentee ballot, in our local village elections. Two trustees and our village court judge are up for election. I respect and support all three candidates. One trustee whose work I’ve come to know and admire over the years is Morgen Fleisig. As someone who has spent my career in the environmental field, including eight years with Riverkeeper’s parent organization, Waterkeeper Alliance, I’ve been grateful to Morgen for all of the time he has devoted to environmental initiatives in our village. 

Morgen was a key member of the Hastings Waterfront Rezoning Committee for several years before stepping into the role of village trustee and is now the village liaison to that committee. Both during his time on the waterfront committee, and now as village trustee, Morgen has worked hard to bring the competing designs for the waterfront into alignment while ensuring that the redeveloped shoreline is designed safely, sustainably, and protects wildlife habitats. Further up the shoreline, he has also put considerable time into the MacEachron Park shoreline stabilization project, drafting the RFP for the planning consultant to design that project, for which Hastings has received a DEC grant. To protect the Saw Mill River, Morgen worked with the DOT during the Ravensdale Bridge construction project to ensure there would be an adequate replanting plan in place to replace trees that were taken down during bridge construction. Trees and plantings are vital to the health of rivers, slowing runoff, preventing erosion, and reducing pollution. Morgen is currently working to bring pollinator gardens to the development as well. 

Morgen has been a consistent advocate for our local environment, bringing an architect’s eye, attention to detail, and a can-do attitude. I wholeheartedly support Morgen in his election bid for village trustee. 

Stephanie von Stein


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