The Hastings-on-Hudson Democratic Committee would like to extend a big thank you to all who attended our Democratic Committee Caucus on Jan. 21. What seemed on the surface a fairly simple Zoom meeting was actually a complex event to arrange, and I am grateful to all who worked behind the scenes to make it possible, especially Westchester Democratic Committee Chair Suzanne Berger, Greenburgh Councilman Francis Sheehan, and Hastings Technology Director/Deputy Treasurer Rafael Zaratzian.

Above all, I want to express my appreciation to our 2021 nominees: incumbent Mayor Niki Armacost and first-time candidates for trustee, Mary Lambert (currently serving as interim trustee) and lifelong Hastings resident Thomas Drake. All three were approved by unanimous vote. Serving in public office during this time is an incredible challenge, yet they all rose to do just that. Mayor Armacost’s leadership this past year, in particular, could not have been more critical to the health and resilience of our community.

Between now and village Election Day on Tuesday, March 16, you will learn more about these admirable candidates and why they deserve support from all of Hastings for the work they have done and the skills and perspective they have to offer.

Currently, New York State has not changed in-person voting rules in this election due to Covid. If you qualify for an absentee ballot, you can obtain the necessary application by visiting the Board of Elections website at Please submit your application three to four weeks before the election to ensure that your ballot can be mailed to you and, once completed, returned to the Board of Elections in time to be counted.

I hope all Hastings residents will support our three admirable candidates with their votes on March 16, 2021.

Ellen Hendrickx

Chair, Hastings-on-Hudson Democratic Committee

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