I salute the current members of the Irvington Board of Trustees for their courage and their vision in granting the right to those residents of Abbotsford, Penny Bridge, and East Irvington to take a walk in Matthiessen Park. Abbotsford, Penny Bridge, and East Irvington are part of what was once going to be called the Town of Irvington. (Note: The village hall in Irvington, when you look above its main entrance, you see “Town Hall” carved into the wood, or is it stone? We don’t think that was a “boo-boo”; it was a vision not fulfilled.) The war memorial that is located in front of the Main Street School in Irvington clearly notes these neighborhoods in its inscription.

Once renovations are completed and warm weather returns to the lower Hudson Valley, I’ll take a walk on behalf of all those who were excluded over most of the 20th century and 20 percent of the 21st century.

Go Green and White.

Tom Gray

President, East Irvington Civic Association

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