This year over 225 Dobbs Ferry children — a 20 percent increase from 2020 — need some type of support each month to keep up with their peers, participate in extracurricular activities, and even have enough to eat. That's where SPRING Community Partners helps, but only with your support. This 20 percent increase directly impacts SPRING’s operating budget and limits our ability to serve children in need.

SPRING has struggled to keep up with ever-increasing requests for basic needs, academic support, programming, enrichment activities, and sports — all essential for children in Dobbs Ferry to realize their full potential after a year where so much was lost. 

Some good news: SPRING is reaching more kids than ever. Our network of volunteers and community partners helps us ensure that children in need not only have resources, but also support and access to programming and experiences to help them thrive.

Some highlights include two new enrichment programs that we hope will become regular offerings: Project Explore (made possible by the DKDK Project), focusing on teamwork and critical thinking skills for middle school kids; and SPRING Academy, (run in partnership with the Dobbs Ferry School District and Dobbs Fery Public Library), providing K-5 academic support.

This fall we’re working with 1st Day School Supplies, Ardsley Music, AYSO Rivertowns Soccer, Broadway Training Center, Christian Preschool, Community Nursery School, Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry, Dobbs Ferry PTSA, Dobbs Ferry Recreation Department, Dobbs Ferry Youth Football, Dobbs Ferry Youth Little League, Family-to-Family, The Playbook SAT/ACT Prep, and the newly established Garage Pod to provide kids with resources and programming that enrich not only their lives but the entire community. 

Please visit our website for updates on our fall appeal, to donate, to volunteer or to find out more. 

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