To the Editor:

On Sept. 15, the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson is holding its village election. The election was originally scheduled for March of this year, but was postponed due to concerns related to Covid-19. We have put measures in place to ensure that both poll workers and voters are safe, and I strongly urge residents to exercise their right to vote next month.

We will elect two trustees and a judge. The candidates — Trustee Georgia Lindahl Lopez, Trustee Morgen Fleisig, and Justice Joe DiSalvo — are unopposed, which speaks to their myriad accomplishments. Trustee Lopez has worked tirelessly on issues ranging from social justice, to downtown improvements, to traffic circulation. Her tenacity, intelligence and creativity are exemplary, and her warmth and passion are inspiring. I appointed Trustee Fleisig to the board last year to fill the position that was vacated when I became mayor, and his breadth of knowledge and intellectual curiosity have been an asset to us countless times. Morgen researches issues, finds appropriate comparators, and ensures we make decisions based on all the relevant facts. To our benefit, Morgen has tapped his expertise in architecture, in serving as board point person for the Ravensdale Bridge, the waterfront and zoning questions, particularly those related to preserving the character of our village. Justice DiSalvo has been our village justice for many, many years and runs his court with compassion, kindness, and fairness. He is firm but even-handed, and works hard to fashion appropriate sentences to fit the crimes or offenses. 

For residents who wish to vote by absentee ballot, ballots are available on the village clerk’s page on the village website. The village clerk will accept applications for a ballot by mail or email until 4 p.m. on Sept. 8. He will then return a ballot to the applicant by U.S. Mail. The completed ballot must be received by mail, or delivered by hand to village hall by Sept. 14 at 4 p.m. Applicants can also pick up an application, and complete a ballot in person, in the village clerk’s office by the same deadline. In-person voting will be at the James Harmon Community Center on Sept. 15, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

I am proud that Georgia, Morgen, and Joe represent us, and I hope you will join me in supporting these three excellent candidates on Sept. 15.

Nicola Armacost

Mayor of Hastings-on-Hudson

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