Few people know what the Westchester County Clerk's Office does. But if you have ever bought or sold a house, sued or been sued, been divorced, been foreclosed on, became a naturalized U.S. citizen, or needed a passport, the fair, courteous and efficient running of the clerk's office was important to you. 

For the past 15 years, Westchester County residents have been extremely fortunate to have Tim Idoni as their county clerk. Tim's entire career — from his education (with a master's degree in public administration from New York University) to his tenure as Ardsley village manager and mayor of New Rochelle and then county clerk — has been devoted to making local government run well. 

Tim has revolutionized the county clerk's office. After successfully lobbying the State to permit electronic filing of land and legal records, Tim has presided over the digitization of County records, reducing the time to record changes in deeds, for example, from weeks to seconds. He eliminated waste in the office while avoiding layoffs, saving taxpayers over $37 million during his tenure. He has been committed to public outreach, increasing tenfold the clerk's mobile office visits to community events. 

Tim’s commitment to diversity throughout his career has been beyond question, and he currently presides over an office with a majority-female management team and five Spanish-speaking specialists.

And Tim is not done. At this year's budget meetings, he discussed detailed plans to continue improving the clerk's office. If re-elected, he will also preside over a once-in-a-generation redesign of the office, which will make the office more efficient while returning space to other government functions.

There is a reason why clerks throughout New York State and beyond rely on Tim's wise counsel: he is one of the best clerks anywhere, and one of the true good guys in local government. I urge all Democrats to support Tim Idoni on Primary Day, June 22.

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