As we approach the day Americans celebrate our country’s beginning, hope, and promise… yet again there are forces in the land that threaten the foundations upon which she stands. Although the USA is imperfect still, we all are privileged to live in a country that is exceptional and remains a beacon of hope for many around the world, whether they wish to live here or not.

When any ideology filters down into all areas of our society — but especially when it reaches our children — to tell us this isn’t so, and that we must believe our country is systemically evil, that we are systemically and irrevocably divided by class, race, beliefs etc., and that we cannot find any common ground and progress forward — we must reject it. And when this is done all while demanding allegiance to divisions by identity group and exclusions by difference of thought, we must stand up together and say “no.” We must accept differences of opinion, we must agree to disagree, we must allow living and learning, and we must fear when the opinion of the “right side” is enforced against anyone. Parents across our nation are just starting to wake up to recognize exactly what has infiltrated our K-12 schools. But we must start by acting local. We only hope it isn’t too late.

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