After being hit hard when the pandemic started, New York took the science seriously and we’ve brought and kept the number of cases down by respecting safety protocols. As we head into fall, and perhaps a second wave, I suggest we remain vigilant.

It seems to me there used to be more public service announcements by the Ad Council, and while I haven’t seen many recently, perhaps we can start a grassroots movement in the Rivertowns. One suggestion is that as an art project in the schools, students can make posters. Themes could include:

1) Wearing masks that don’t cover your nose is the same as not wearing a mask at all.

2) In enclosed spaces such as supermarkets, don’t talk loudly. The louder you talk, the more particles get released into the environment.

3) Wearing fleece gators actually spreads the virus — don’t do it.

4) Don’t remove your mask while talking to others in public enclosed spaces, even for a second.

I know we are all exhausted, frustrated, and want things to return to “normal,” but until they do, let’s spread awareness, not Covid.

Stef Kornfeld


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