Thank you so much for continuing to keep our community informed about the progress we are making with the restoration of Odell House Rochambeau Headquarters (OHRH). Since March 4, when title to the house actually passed to the Town of Greenburgh, the Friends have been working to learn more about the history that surrounds this site. While we wait for the shoring work to be completed, we are creating specific timelines of the lives of the Odell family. Just this week, I was able to begin to read a collection of family letters from the 1830s to the 1920s. Fascinating descriptions of life in Westchester before it became the suburbs. And soon we may be able to locate exactly where John Odell was when he guided Generals Washington and Rochambeau around our towns.

The history of Westchester is so important for everyone to know. Not only did we play a very important role in the years of the Revolutionary War, but the story of our colonial settlements and our struggles to become a united country ring true for all the centuries. The wars of the 19th and 20th centuries, the fight for women's rights, for the rights of African Americans, and for financial stability are in the story of this house. Keep watching and join us.

Susan Seal

President and founder of the Friends of Odell House Rochambeau Headquarters

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