So many groups and individuals have helped the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry throughout the pandemic, but I want to highlight just two groups that have provided amazing help to us in the last few weeks.

Dobbs Ferry for Social Justice is an energetic new group headed by Kevin Messam, Marissa O’Hare, and her husband, Mike Conway. Among their other activities, they arranged a four-day food drive for the pantry at Stop & Shop from Friday, Dec. 4, through Monday, Dec. 7. Throughout the weekend Mike brought carload after carload of products purchased and donated by generous shoppers. We at the pantry are still sorting and organizing all the food brought to us by DFSJ. It underscores two things: The neighbors who shop at Stop & Shop are a caring and concerned bunch, and DFSJ has seen that there’s a need for help in this community, and they’re determined to provide that help wherever it’s needed. I know we’ll be hearing more from them.

And then there is the enthusiastic group at The Landing. Nicole and Micah Spellman asked their neighbors to consider making a financial contribution to the pantry. We’ve received PayPal donations from so many residents at The Landing in response to their request, and Nicole and Micah are still collecting checks and cash from people who just wanted to help. This shows that people who live in Dobbs Ferry have seen that there are others who are struggling to live here, and they’ve decided to do something about it. It also shows that the Spellmans, who have come to the aid of the pantry many times in the past, are both warmhearted and skilled at encouraging others to participate in what they believe in. My hat is off to the Spellmans and to all the people at The Landing who are reaching out to help.

Molly Rodriguez

Co-Director, The Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry at South Presbyterian Church

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