If you’re lucky enough to live on South Drive, chances are that before you pull on your snow gear, grab your shovel, and head out to clear your driveway, Tommy Drake has already cleared out your car, driveway and/or path for you. Tommy exemplifies what it means to be a good neighbor — he’s the first to welcome a new family, he’s always ready to lend a helping hand (or tool, or ladder, or just fix it for you), invite you to a local event, or inspire, encourage, or possibly trick you into getting more involved in your community. 

Tommy personifies what community and public service mean. I guess being “neighborly” comes naturally to someone whose career in public service has been all about helping others: first as a corpsman in the Navy, and then a long history in law enforcement starting as a police officer and ending as a criminal investigator. Not to mention his longstanding community activities as a volunteer firefighter, American Legion commander, Little League coach, and board member 

Tommy is also open-minded, patient, and able to bring together a variety of people and perspectives. He is a constant learner, most recently getting his master’s degreee in public administration from Penn State at night while holding down a full-time job and parenting three kids. He’s a systems thinker and brings his own personal experience to current issues and how the broader systems need to change. This is exemplified by his participation on the Hastings-on-Hudson Police Reform and Reinvention Task Force. 

All of those skills and experiences, along with Tommy’s integrity, will be tremendous assets to our town as a village trustee. We would be lucky to have him and we strongly encourage you to support his candidacy.

Laura and Chris Owens


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