In recent years there been a number of power outages in our area. Many residents have experienced significant outages for many days. 

After each storm the same thing happens. Con Ed holds daily conference calls with municipal officials and lawmakers. Elected officials always criticize Con Ed. Then there are investigations and hearings. And we are told it won't happen again. And, it does — during the next major storm.

The problem, as I see it, is Con Ed is short staffed — doesn't have adequate crews. It takes days after a major storm for Con Ed to get the crews they need to restore everyone's power. And usually a week or more to get everyone who lost power back with their service. 

We all know that Con Ed was unprepared for this storm. We all know that the problem was that Con Ed did not have adequate crews to quickly restore power. They should have had outside contractors in place before the storm. They should have hired the crews before the storm. Many of us have seen few Con Ed crews since the storm.

The New York State Legislature should provide the governor with emergency authority. His office should be given the ability to hire crews to respond to anticipated storms in the event that Con Ed does not — in advance of storms. Con Ed should be required to provide the governor with hiring plans prior to any anticipated storm. If the governor doesn't approve of the plans, he or she should have the ability to override Con Ed and to hire outside contractors who would be paid by Con Ed.

I asked Con Ed officials if residents will get reimbursed for damaged food. They indicated people should complete a claim form on the Con Ed website. They said the same thing after the last storm, and people were denied. I think the state Legislature should mandate that Con Ed reimburse for damaged food after a storm.

Paul Feiner

Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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