I wanted to express my appreciation to Alex Dal Piaz and his letter to the editor in the June 4 issue urging the public to participate in the meeting on June 7. I hope that he, along with the two new members of the Hastings Board of Education, will not only encourage public comment and participation, but will also change the “rules” at school board and committee meetings about public comment.

When these changes were instituted, I gather it served the school board members and central office, but not necessarily the public. The rationale for excluding public remarks at committee meetings was never fully explained other than to say that these were “business meetings.” The new rules for input at school board meetings should be reviewed and then scrapped. Besides, in my opinion, these meetings are often very long and it places a hardship on working parents to have to wait until 10:30 p.m. sometimes to address “non-agenda” items.

I hope that Dal Piaz and his new colleagues will infuse some new energy and ideas into this group. With his letter, it seems that the process has begun. In addition, with his letter, I got to look up the real definition for “quotidian,” so there were some unanticipated benefits.

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