The Friends of the Hastings Public Library’s unwavering resolve met with our community’s unparalleled enthusiasm last Saturday, when the Friends’ used book sale raised just over $2,400. These funds will go toward the events, programs, and projects that enhance our Library and the lives of its patrons.

Going forward with this annual fall event in a pandemic required as much strategic thinking as heavy lifting, and the Friends’ board and other volunteers mustered both. In the end, our combined industry and spirit triumphed over doubts about whether a socially distanced, 3-hour book sale could succeed. The revenue, as well as the camaraderie it generated exceeded all expectations.

Special thanks to Debbie Quinn, the new library director, for her invaluable suggestions for managing the deluge of donated materials (it appears everyone spent the bulk of lockdown decluttering), and to the weather gods, who smiled upon the parking lot where we restocked tables and supervised the steady flow of shoppers.

In addition, we want to acknowledge the gracious support of Police Chief Dave Dosin, who contributed the barricades that helped control access and protect attendees.

Plenty of excellent books, CDs, and DVDs remain, and will be for sale in the lobby through Saturday, Oct. 10 (cash and checks only) during regular library hours. Don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on reading, music, and movies to get you through long winter nights while also benefiting our village’s singular social, intellectual, and cultural resource.

As stated in the Friends’ recent membership solicitation, since March, “so much hasn’t happened,” but we want you to know that we’re grateful and excited to be back — not in full swing, but galvanized to get there.

Michèle Ankuda

President, Friends of the Hastings Public Library

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