Mayor Niki Armacost is completing her first term and has much to be proud of in these two years. She has more than simply stepped into the role — she has stepped up, mastering it from the first day, through these difficult times.

Mayor Armacost has brought her full energy and dedication to the position, her sensibility and common sense, her judgment and decision-making prowess. Through some nasty storms, difficult national politics, and a murderous and damaging pandemic, Mayor Armacost has kept her cool, her eyes firmly planted on the good of this village. She’s secured grants for this village, played a leadership role on environmental issues that has maintained our prominence in this area, continued to push on the improvement of our parks and so much more, always maintaining a fiscally prudent budget with exceptionally low annual increases. For all of this, we can be grateful for her service and continue to be proud to live here, this place we call home.

Elections will be held on March 16; you can either vote in person on that date, or submit an absentee ballot. Time is running short for securing your absentee ballot, so if this is the route you would like to take, please go to the website and a link there will provide you the ballot application and instructions on how to fill it out. It couldn’t be simpler.

Mayor Armacost has been a great mayor, and will continue to be — she is a reminder that public service, delivered well and competently, matters. She has assembled a team that she is running with — Mary Lambert and Thomas Drake — who are terrific candidates as well. Mary is completing her first term as trustee, having jumped in feet first to tackle tough issues, and Tom is running for the first time as trustee, bringing with him great experience as a volunteer in our fire department and a career in public service. I hope you cast your vote on their behalf on March 16.

Peter Swiderski


The writer was mayor of Hastings from 2009 to 2019

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