As we enter autumn, we offer a very special and heartfelt thanks to all supporters of the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry — individuals, families, religious organizations, community and cultural organizations — for their outstanding generosity through the Summer of ’21.

Add a pandemic and an historic flood to the usual things that stress the Pantry every summer: fewer volunteers available, heat waves that overstay their welcome, and fewer financial donations.

But somehow — and you are the “somehow” — we made it through as our operating costs continued to increase. We got here through your combined efforts and sacrifices. You are truly generous people, as the donations you made through Jazz Forum showed.

Then there was the extraordinary. The Giving Circle of Lower Westchester awarded the Food Pantry $3,000 to help offset the expenses incurred when our operations had to move to a much smaller footprint. The Giving Circle is a volunteer, grassroots not-for-profit organization whose member donations go directly to fund hunger relief. The second generous extraordinary came from The Peluso Family Foundation.

But we’re still trying to feed four times as many families as we did before the pandemic.

We are again asking local restaurants to help as they have in the past. A restaurant can select a particular day of a particular month to sponsor fundraisers for the Pantry. Hudson Social at Waterfront Park stepped up last Tuesday, and we thank Matt Kay for his support. The Bit (formerly “Rarebit”) on Cedar Street has signed on for Thursday, Oct. 21, from 5 p.m. until closing. We are working on arrangements with others.

Thank you to one and all who channel your concern for those in need through the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry.

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