I am writing to recommend Trustees Georgia Lopez and Morgen Fleisig, Democratic candidates for the Hastings Village Board, in the Sept. 15 village election. I have had the good fortune to serve as a colleague of Trustee Lopez and Trustee Fleisig this past year, and I cannot think of two more decent, honest, dedicated, and well-deserving people to serve on our board of trustees.

Georgia is proactive, determined, and gets things done. Through the Safe Routes to School Initiative, I watched her work to improve traffic and pedestrian safety, upgrade sidewalks and crosswalks, increase equity, and enhance the sustainability of our community. Her professional experience managing complex projects has established her as a leader in planning, testing, evaluating, and improving our transportation infrastructure.

She cares deeply about issues of inclusion, social justice, and police reform, passionately working to improve the welfare of our community, families, and kids. Her work on deepening a partnership between the Hastings police and the Graham School led to improved relations. In a time of hyper-partisanship, her well-considered perspective and gifted interpersonal skills are invaluable. And as the Village adapts to a new era of fiscal constraint, her three years of board experience and solid understanding of village affairs will continue to be a tremendous asset in keeping our village well run, healthy, and safe moving forward.

I have had the pleasure of working with Trustee Fleisig on issues related to sustainability, through the work of the Climate Smart Communities Task Force and the Conservation Commission. Trustee Fleisig is a quick study and a problem solver, with the ability to digest complex ideas and get things done. Aided by his architectural and design knowledge, Trustee Fleisig has established himself as a thought leader on the shoreline development project. He has worked to protect the Village’s parks, fortify Village infrastructure, and electrify its fleet. He is committed to building a sustainable community, one which not only mitigates and adapts to climate change, but which innovates to benefit the entire community of our unique and remarkable village.

Mary Lambert

Trustee, Village of Hastings

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