You knew something was off when Hastings planned to eliminate parking on Farragut so bikes can reach Ravensdale. The community balked, of course, so the Farragut "repaving" plan was revised. 

Here's the plan now. Parking on one side of Farragut, plus one lane each way, plus bike lanes each way, from Five Corners to Ravensdale. No turn lanes. Northbound Farragut traffic that can back up two lanes wide now, from Mount Hope to Five Corners, will back up in one lane twice as far. Ditto southbound, which already backs up two lanes wide, into Five Corners. Without turn lanes, all traffic will wait behind every left-turning car at every intersection, in both directions. More likely, they will swerve into the new bike lanes to go around. It’s two lanes wide, after all. 

The worst part: Southbound traffic will stack up in one lane behind cars turning left at Ravensdale — mingled with bikes also turning onto Ravensdale against fast incoming traffic. That’s crazy. 

Farragut is 40 feet wide — 20 in each direction — from the Saw Mill to Five Corners. The drawings say so; measure it for yourselves. The parkway part from the Saw Mill to near Amjo’s is indisputably two lanes and marked that way. Anyone claiming that a lane magically disappears somewhere between Mount Hope and Five Corners, where the road throughout is exactly the same 40-foot width, as Trustee Lopez does, is not being serious. The only thing that disappears is the marking. The whole bike project is predicated on this deception.

Kids are not going to ride bikes to school. The true aim here is to deliver bikes riding down Broadway through the Rivertowns down to Ravensdale, to connect to the South County Trailway. Ravensdale is second only to James as the most dangerous street in town. Remember the folks complaining about Ravensdale a few years ago? The plan now is to add streams of through cyclists to the perilous mix. 

This is one of the most irresponsible proposals I can recall in my 45 years in the village. I grew up riding my bike around town. I wouldn't have ridden on Ravensdale even before our local traffic became nuts.

The village board says all these problems can be “educated” away. Nonsense. A real public in-person meeting — not a Zoom one — with actually informative drawings, must be held on this crazy proposal.  

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