When we saw the first Facebook post the other week, showing an image of a T-shirt that read, “You came from there because you didn’t like there, and now you want to change here to be like there…” we took it personally. None of us were born here. We came here because it seemed like a great place to raise a family. This post seemed to reject the legitimacy of our love for this community, and our equal ownership of it.

Of course, this message is inherently racist, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-semitic, “anti-whatever-you-are,” but, for us, that didn’t really hit home until it was revealed on Labor Day that someone had specifically targeted BIPOC (Black, indigenous, and people of color) families — and by extension all other BIPOC, queer, and otherwise othered individuals who live here. That we could see it first as a screed against the city folk who’ve invaded a tight-knit suburb, rather than primarily as an insidious vessel of hate, speaks to the power of white supremacy. But we write here today to call out this act for what it is: racism.

The printing and distribution of these T-shirts represents a form of psychological terrorism not far removed from burning crosses in our neighbors’ yards. Though it may not have been intended to sow hatred, it unquestionably had that effect — and impact matters far more than intent.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident, as the @blackatdobbs Instagram account, and many speakers at the powerful Black Lives Matter rally this past Sunday, have made clear. Our community has a lot of work to do to address the ways in which racism manifests itself in Dobbs Ferry and its institutions. We must raise public awareness on racism within our communities, and work toward change. We ask our neighbors in Dobbs Ferry and throughout the Rivertowns to join us in the project of anti-racism — and to show your support for our BIPOC neighbors.

The distribution of these T-shirts, and the vitriol spewed online around that act, is only the most blatant — and recent — embodiment of racism in our community. It is incumbent upon all of us to interrogate the systemic racism at work in Dobbs Ferry, in the Rivertowns, in Westchester, in New York, and encoded in our nation’s DNA. We must actively engage with these dangerous ideas. And we must fight to dismantle the structural forces that support them. 

Jonathan Abady and Bonnie Stelzer, Glenny Almonte, Helen and Paul Anbinder, Katherine Anderson, Shari Ascher, Vladimir Bajic and Anna Gedrich, Tim Baker and Louise Pegg, Jon Bardin and Ali Moss, Tracy and Rob Baron, Norma Barragan, Gordon Beckhorn and Merrideth Miller,Veerle Bergink, Sarah and Michael Berkowitz, Lori Bernat and Marc Raderman, Daniel and Charlotte Binns, Larry and Peggie Blizard, Thomas Blum and Nancy Haffner, Anita Brakman and Erin Dow, Chelsea and Chris Bray, Sean Brewer and Claudia Krugovoy, Niall Cain, Ben Casper and Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez, Jessica Casper and Andrew Hunt, Erica Chapman and Steven Kaell, Victor Chu and Carissa Pelleteri, Dan Buckley and MacKenzie Cadenhead, Samantha and David Bunting, Jen and Bruce Cadenhead, Elena Caffentzis and Theresa Carey, Mavis Cain, Kevin Carlsten and Kate Price, Amanda Chan and Raymond Cho, Hsiao-li Chou and John Kaufmann, Cirstin and Peter Conneely, Michael Conway and Marissa O’Hare, Katie and Ben Cornish, Dan Costanza and Becca Licht, Ellen Crane and Ron Fried, Laurie Densen and Bill Dorais, Lauren and Steve DeVilbiss, Melissa Curtin and Matthew Ghiorse, Melanie and A.J. Dobbs, Julian Dobson and Jessica Malberg, Jonathan Doherty and Sandra Rosas, Charlotte Douglas, Anna Cabral Drew, Brendan Dunleavy and Justyna Szyszka, Alissa Fasman, Cassi Feldman and Zachary Roth, Julie Fischer, Beth and Dan Fossner, Patty Franco, Ira Frazin and Steve Jacobs, Tracey Frisch, David Gaffen and Dana Gandsman, Michael Gallagher, Melanie and David Garten, Katharine Gates, Melissa Gill and Mathias Lilja, Diana and Jeffrey Golde, Rob Goodwin and Kathryn Slocum, Nitin Gupta, Rishi Gupta, Joy Haber, Stu Hackel, Lu Hamlin, Jason and Melanie Herrick, Rebecca and Jon Hershberg, Alexis Hochleutner, Allison and Jessica Horn, Jennifer and Brian Humensky, Brad Hunt and Elizabeth Rice, Betsy and Stephen Hunter, Rick and Gabe Jaime-Bettan, Kristin and Eric Javier, Arielle and Lee Joffe, Jessie Asya Kanzer, Cary and Ian Kelly, Sam and Yasuko Kim, Ariana King, Christy Knell, Sarah and Omar Khondker, Jon and Kirsten Kleinman, John Kuroda and Vida Nazemian, Dalia and Roy Kushner, Matthijs Laban, Robert Lafferty and Greg Payton, Rob Lane, Renya Larson and Aaron Vieira, Rich Larson and Jessica Seessel, Dyane Laurin, Todd Lawlor and Anne Scharer, Jeremy Leeds and Amy Raphael, Jenny Libien, Shana Liebman and Michael Moshan, Nola and Corey Long, Carmel Lowenthal and Eric Tirschwell, Jon and Beth Maass, Holly Malekian, Mary-Ann Mastreani, Bonnie and Christopher Mazza, Shayna McEvoy and Stan Zlotnikov, Diane McKay, Karen and Eric Menzie, Kevin Messam and Lan Phan, Jennifer Murphy, Ed Nammour and Nina Orville, Maria Nigro, Aida and Abdoulaye Ngom, Penny and Miguel Nunes, Leslie Papa, Jodi and Jeff Patkin, Rev. Drew Paton, Jessica and William Pavone, Becky and Gene Pitts, Michelle and Charlie Popkin, Jeremy and Nicole Portwood, Sharon and Dave Propson, Kimberly Purzewski, Casey Romany, Janet Roseff, Janet and Herb Rosenberg, Jenny Rosenstrach and Andy Ward, Helene Rothstein, Sara Schneider, Sarah and Andrew Schriever, Claudia and Matthew Scott-Hansen, Allison Schulte, Sara and Tom Sellitti, Gretchen and Kevin Skaggs, Fran Smith, Kate Solomon, Amy and Arthur Staub, Anna and Paul Sterne, Carol and Stewart Storms, Evena and Jermaine Sumra, Beth Sutherland, Aaron Teich and Kelly Turner, Sonya, Pierre, Violette and Rémy Terjanian, Elaine Trader, Patricia Truscelli, Sharon and Stefan Van Engen, Michelle Veyvoda, Mindy and Peter Walker, Ted Warner, Dan Weiss and Sarah Harris Weiss, Adam and Sarah Weiss, Gui and Molly Weinmann, Peter and Patti Winder, Anne Zincke

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