Thank you Spike and Carol Barkin [Enterprise, Oct. 16] as well as the six former school board members [Enterprise, Oct. 9] for putting into words so well my opinion regarding the school board’s decision to not pause the Hillside addition. Does anyone in a power position listen at all to the taxpayers? I have to admit that I don't totally understand the financial ramifications of putting this project off, but it truly seems to go against common sense in this era of Covid.

I had objections about this addition before Covid because it seemed extravagant. I'd rather have money spent on necessary repairs and necessary improvements. Maybe I feel this way because I own a very, very old house in Hastings and have always had to be cautious about breakdowns and repairs and updates. I would love to put in a built-in swimming pool, but I always have to be mindful of the more important aspects of owning an old home.

My home is not extravagant and that's fine as long as I can keep it comfortable and repaired. The schools should definitely be comfortable and safe and well kept, and let's be mindful of the times we live in... not only the unknown of the future of school arrangements, but also the people who are struggling with job loss and the businesses trying to stay open.

Maryann Manchester


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