I'm thrilled that Hastings and Westchester have chosen to protect cyclists of all ages and abilities by adding bike lanes to the Farragut repaving plan. Whenever a major artery is up for repaving it’s critical that communities everywhere think about mobility and how people will move through a space in the future, as opposed to how they have in the past. Kudos to our community for realizing that cyclists have the right to as much protection from 3,000-pound vehicles as we can possibly give them, and that bike lanes move that needle closer to safety.

Furthermore, bike lanes (especially when connected to other arteries, such as the South County Trailway) provide easy opportunities for cyclists who would typically just past by Hastings to instead explore our community, and possibly grab a cup of coffee, have breakfast, or even enjoy a beer... all without taking up a parking spot or releasing fumes via a tailpipe. Hastings could see hundreds of new customers every day if we simply followed the “Field of Dreams” maxim; so let's build it so they can come. 

This repaving project keeps people safer and will bring an infusion of new customers to our businesses... I'm absolutely on board.

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