Almost every week, I read in the Enterprise about native plants and pollinator gardens, and I am delighted to see this awaking to real nature. It is slow, but it is finally happening. Even the book “Nature’s Best Hope” by Douglas W Tallamy made the New York Times bestsellers list. Given all this, it really surprises me to see bunches of red, white, and blue plastic — yes, plastic — roses stuck in the ground in front of a very large gas station in the center of Ardsley. What’s next? AstroTurf and plastic shrubs and trees? I think this is embarrassing to our village given the native plant movement all over Westchester County.

Speaking of gas stations, Ardsley is considering reinstating the fourth gas station in a span of less than 1 mile. Has anyone done any market research to see if there is a need for four gas stations in this tiny village? Do any other rivertowns have as many gas stations? As I have written previously, Ardsley is an aesthetically challenged village and not many changes for the better have taken place  

Ludmilla Yamrone


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