Starting last week, the list of locations for the public to receive Covid-19 vaccinations grew to far more than the Westchester County Center in White Plains. 

Though the County Center remained the only State-run site in Westchester listed on the New York State Health Department’s website, Westchester County released a list of 22 additional sites on Feb. 4, and then 35 sites on Feb. 9. The locations were all hospitals and pharmacies, aside from the Westchester County Department of Health in White Plains.

The Feb. 4 list included the Rite Aid at 871 Saw Mill Road in Ardsley (100 doses) and the Walgreens at 11 Ashford Ave. in Dobbs Ferry (100 doses). The Feb. 9 list also included the Walgreens in Dobbs Ferry (known as Walgreens #11291), but not the Rite Aid in Ardsley (known as Rite Aid #10545).

The Town of Greenburgh and the Village of Dobbs Ferry shared the Feb. 4 list with subscribers to their mass emails.

As of Feb. 10, links to both lists were buried in the press release section of the Westchester County website ( Rather than print a long URL, here is a shortened version —

In addition, the Enterprise posted a link to the Feb. 9 list on its Facebook page. Links to future lists will be posted there as well.

In the near future, the James Harmon Community Center in Hastings will become a vaccination site. Greenleaf Pharmacy in Hastings, led by pharmacist Bill Stroud, applied to administer Covid-19 vaccines and then teamed up with the Village of Hastings to offer them at the community center.

To sign up for a spot at the community center, call Lisa O’Reilly of the Hastings Recreation Department at (914) 478-2380, ext. 642.

Nursing home info

On Feb. 4, the New York State Supreme Court ordered the state Health Department to release a list of Covid-19 deaths at nursing homes. That list included Andrus on Hudson in Hastings and St. Cabrini in Dobbs Ferry.

The Andrus totals were 7 confirmed deaths at the nursing home, 4 confirmed deaths of nursing home residents out of the facility (such as at a hospital), and 10 presumed deaths at the nursing home. 

The Cabrini totals were 16 confirmed deaths at the nursing home, 9 confirmed deaths of nursing home residents out of the facility, and 8 presumed deaths at the nursing home.

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