The title of the song was “Impossible.” So were the circumstances under which students recorded that song in the backyard of the Broadway Training Center in Hastings on Saturday, May 22.

The students stood around an iPhone while wearing masks and attempting to project their voices enough to overcome an array of ambient interruptions including passing trains, a motorcycle, and a string trimmer.

The recording was for BTC’s production of “Cinderella.” Unable to perform in front of a live audience, due to the pandemic, “Cinderella” was filmed on iPhones by BTC’s artistic directors Jason Brantman and Fiona Santos. 

On May 22, Brantman and Santos wrapped up filming of “Cinderella” and of “Tuck Everlasting” behind their studio on Washington Avenue, between busy Warburton Avenue and Metro-North’s Hudson Line.

The artistic directors used every inch of their property. “Tuck Everlasting” ended with four students in flowing white dresses dancing in a clearing alongside a street and a parking lot. From the right angle, they appeared to be in an enchanted forest.

The films will be streamed online, from June 4-18 for “Tuck Everlasting” and from June 18 to July 2 for “Cinderella”. Next week’s Enterprise will include a story about both. For tickets, visit

Prior to the pandemic, BTC staged its shows at the Irvington Theater, as did the Clocktower Players and the River’s Edge Theatre Co. For now, the theater remains closed. Nevertheless, in-person performances are starting to fill the calendar.

Starting July 17, the River’s Edge Theatre Co. will stage the first of three performances of a play titled “The Parking Lot” in the parking lot of the Main Street School in Irvington. The play will star the company’s co-founders Meghan and David Covington and will benefit the One Love Foundation. The Covington’s donate proceeds from all of their productions to different charities.

Starting June 4, the Red Monkey Theater Group, led by Hastings resident Tal Aviezer as Sherlock Holmes, will stage 12 performances of “A Scandal in Bohemia” outside the Bartow Pell Mansion Museum in the Bronx. For tickets, visit

In addition to theater, there will be music. On Saturday, June 5, the annual RiverArts Music Tour, which was not held in 2020, will fill nine hours with more than 100 outdoor performances at 24 locations in Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Hastings, Irvington, and Tarrytown. For more info, visit

Finally, the Clocktower Players continue to offer online productions, including “Cinderella” on June 12-13, as well as “Charlotte’s Web” and “Puffs” on June 19-20. For tickets, visit

On May 19, the Clocktower Players sent out a mass email with the following message:

“Broadway shows are returning in the fall and so are we! As sure as the sun shines and the vaccines help protect us, Clocktower is ready to come roaring back! Intermission is over. Can you feel the optimism and excitement mounting?”

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